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Domestic cleaning

Takes a lot of your free time

A lot of hassle comes with housekeeping and we do realize that. The time is never enough to deal with the domestic chores; it takes a lot of efforts to handle it especially after a long working day.
 We can clean your home, house or flat while you are at work or doing something far more pleasant than domestic cleaning. You can picture how wonderful it will be to find your place in its top condition when you get back home.

  Our domestic cleaners in London are trained to pay special attention to details and they make sure that no place is left unclean. Our aim is to take the burden off your shoulders and save you any inconveniences related to your home’s hygiene.
Using our services means that you will have every corner of your home cleaned.These are regions you can easily neglet while they are areas that accumulate a lot of dirt.Moving furniture and items in the home around to reach the corners may be difficult for homeowners but this is not the case for our staff.They find delight in turning the house inside out to ensure that all the dirt,grime and dust is eliminated.

Cleaning a home to perfection takes a certain amount of time, so before you book a regular domestic cleaning service, keep in mind that the cleaning takes at least 3 hours (this is our minimum, in order to provide you with the best results). You could also make a list of all errands and tasks, which have to be done, so that nothing gets left behind. You can call us on the phone, e-mail us or use our website booking form to get in touch with us. Generally, the cleaning equipment and materials are provided by the customer, but if you have other wishes, you can discuss them with our friendly consultants and we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs, you can also review any additional details, regarding the regular domestic service. This service does not cover professional carpet cleaning and outside window cleaning – however, if you need such services, we can provide them to you separately.

Service include

1Vacuum and mop floors
2Wiping surfaces
3Empty wastebaskets and remove trash
4Make beds and change linens
5Floor cleaning / soft and hard /
6Cleaning of furniture
7Cleaning leather furniture
8Cleaning window blinds
9Clean mirrors and glass
10Window frames
11Cleaning windows
12Cleaning of bathrooms and toilets
13Cleaning of kitchen furniture and appliances
14Cleaning stairs, hallway, foyer

Service price

Price is for hour and number of visits

Price list:

For weekly cleaning £17.00 per hour
For fortnightly cleaning  £20.00 per hour

Contacts us now

For more information please contact us or make a request for cleaning of homes and offices in London.