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My Cleaners London

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End of tenancy cleaning

Takes a lot of your free time

Are you concerned about your inventory check? Or whether your landlord will be satisfied with the condition of the propcerty when you return the keys? My Cleaners London can provide you with professional help in this matter! Nothing is more stressful than relocating and starting a new life.

As a professional cleaning company we would like to offer clients based in London a comprehensive cleaning services whether it is for domestic or commercial needs. We are more than happy to undertake every cleaning job No job is too big or too small for My Cleaners London company. Our team of devoted and fully fledged cleaners always deliver top job!

If your tenants in your property are moving out, the place could have accumulated several months’ worth of grime. If you don’t have the resources or time for an end of tenancy cleaning, professional cleaners can do the job thoroughly and quickly, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Equally, if you’re moving out of a property and keen to get your deposit back, you may not have the time for an end of tenancy cleaning so that it looks as good as when you first moved in.

My Cleaners London can help. Our highly reliable, fully insured professional end of tenancy cleaners have everything they need to thoroughly blitz your property whatever state your tenants have left it in.

We can help whether you’re a landlord, tenant or letting agency. Our cleaners leave no surface untouched, and we can even take care of carpets and windows. Book your end of tenancy cleaning today, online or over the phone today

Service include

1 Kitchen
Clean inside/outside all kitchen cupboards, Clean inside/outside of oven ,  Clean inside/outside microwave, Wash inside/outside of dishwasher , Clean inside/outside fridge; Damp wipe all kitchen countertops; Defrose freezer;  Sweep and wash hard surface floors; Discale and clean sink, damp wipe window ledges, skirting boards, door frame and radiator.

2         Bathrooms
Scrub and disinfect bathroom floors,  Scrub and disinfect toilet, Clean and discale bath & showers, shower doors and tiles; Scrub and discale bathroom sinks; wipe all counters; Clean mirrors, wipe skirting boards and door frame.

3 Bedrooms
Vacuum and mop (if necessary); Clean mirrors; Remove litter; Remove cobwebs; Clean windows inside; Dust and wash window sills and ledges; Vacuum carpet edges; Clean inside cupboards and wardrobes.

4 Living room
Vacuum and mop (if necessary), Vacuum carpet edges, Clean mirrors, Polish table, Clean and polish all surfaces, Clean pictures, wipe skirting boards and door frame, Remove cobwebs; Clean windows inside; Dust and wash window sills and window frames, Remove litters;

5 Hallway
Vacuum and mop (if necessary), Vacuum carpet edges, Clean mirrors, wipe skirting boards and door frame, Remove cobwebs.

Service price

Price is for hour and number of visits

Price list:
Property type Flat House
Studio Flat £170  
One Bedroom Property £180 £200
Two Bedroom Property £200 £220
Three Bedroom Property £200 £240
Four Bedroom Property £260 £280
Five Bedroom Property £280 £300

Contacts us now

For more information please contact us or make a request for cleaning of homes and offices in London.